The Glitz Room Vanity Mirror Size Comparisons

Glitz Room Vanity Mirror

If you're unsure of which size vanity is best for you, fear not! Here are the exact size measurements so you can compare and see which makeup mirror will fit best in your space. 


Travel Mirror

 The Glitz On-the-Go is a great travel size makeup mirror because you can literally take this anywhere. It is as light as an ipad as it is sleek! But dont fret, this little thing still packs the same punch lighting wise. It has bright white natural LED lighting with the same dimming feature and high quality glass mirror as the other two sizes. You can't go wrong with The Glitz-On-the-Go!

Petite Mirror

 The mid size Petite vanities will add the perfect amount of glam to any makeup station without taking up too much space. You could even put it on a dresser and use the base as a jewelry dish. Aside from the high glass mirror and dimming feature mentioned above, it also has three light settings (white, warm, and cool). The only question is, which style do you prefer? Glitz or Glam?!

Grand Size Mirror

 If you have an entire desk or table top dedicated to your makeup station, this beauty is for you! It'll 100% take your makeup game to the next level with this large glass mirror for you to get ready in front of. It doesn't get any more glamours than this! 

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