Our Story

Back in 2018, working as a dental hygienist in the city of Vancouver, BC, I realized I needed an outlet to express my creativity and passion for fashion and style. I started with a blog where I wrote about anything from my travels to my favorite meals and recipes. Immersed in the world of social media, I began to play with the possibility of opening my own little e-commerce store - just for fun of course! Then, after the Covid-19 pandemic hit this year, what began as a "side hustle" became my full time job as my career in dental hygiene was put on hold. As I spent my days learning how to run my own business and carefully curating products that I love, I found myself more motivated than ever. 

Jewelry and beauty has always been a deep interest of mine and I am so grateful that I can finally say I love what I do and that I can share that with the world. For me, the perfect jewelry stack can level up and change any outfit whether it be for everyday or for a special occassion. But most importantly it can give you that little bit of oomph to brighten up your day and boost your self confidence. 

Let's continue to lift each other up, one sparkle at a time. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey at The Glitz Room and supporting small business like mine!