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It's always nice to have a designated space to plop down and get ready in the morning or before a night out, but not everyone has the space or the extra funds to make this happen. Well, I have good news! A vanity space can be set up anywhere, whether it be on top of your dresser drawer or any table top and can be fairly inexpensive. There are two main essentials, a flat surface and a good quality mirror with ample lighting. Here are a few ideas that can help you set up your own vanity or update one you already have.


Accessories Table


Table Tops

1. Budget Friendly - If you're on a strict budge, this simple sleek Writing Desk from Wayfair could be your answer. It's currently on sale for $35.99!

2. Space Saving - If space is your main issue, you can turn a bedside table into a mini vanity and get ready from your bed. Tada! Comfy and functional! Try this gorgeous Zigler Accent Metal Frame End Table.

3. Free space - If you have a little bit of open space, we love these two options from ikea - Malm or Micke. One is quite narrow and the other is much shorter, depending on what type of space you have. Both feature a single pull out drawer, perfect for makeup stroage. 

4. Portable Option- If you have absolutely NO space, we've found a portable table top option! The Maryd foldable table from Ikea is a great way to be able to have a vanity and then hide it away if you don't have a permanent spot you can set up your makeup station. 


Vanity Mirrors



This is definitely the make or break of your vanity. If you have a great quality mirror to get ready infront of, it will take your set up to the next level and make your time getting ready something to look forward to. A mirror with good lighting is key. 

1. Larger tables - The Glitz Grand Vanity Mirror is a dream if you have a larger surface to work with. It's the largest of our mirrors and has amazing features such as high quality glass mirror, light dimming to get your perfect lighting, three light modes, and a tray to keep your everyday essentials. 

2. Smaller tables - The Petite Glam Vanity will fit on almost any surface you have, but still comes with all the features of it's larger counterpart (above). This is our personal favorite! (This size is also available in the Glitz Collection Style)

3. Portable Option - The Glitz On-the-Go is the perfect mirror for those who don't have the space for a permanent vanity station. You can easy fold it up and put it away. When folded up, it's the size of an iPad! However, it does not lack in quality! It also features a high glass mirror with dimmable lighting. Bonus - it's wireless and rechargeable through USB!





1. Acrylic Organizers - Many acrylic makeup organizers out there on the market are painfully expensive. Our favorite option for helping to organize a vanity are from Muji. They have a ton of pretty acrylic options meant to organize an office desk, but work amazing for vanity organization. For example, use the acrylic pen olders as brush holders. You can also stack the acrylic drawers for great makeup storage.

2. Portable Storage - If you have a vanity space that does not offer drawers for makeup storage or ample surface space for anything other than your mirror, the Ikea Raskog Utility Cart is a great way to store your items and then roll them away if needed! 

3. Tissue Box Covers - Kleenex is a staple for makeup application, but sometimes the boxes aren't very pretty. A cute tissue box cover will help make your vanity look more cohesive like this Marble Tissue Box Cover from Amazon (comes in many different styles to match your vanity style)

3. Decorate - Showcase your prettiest bottle of perfume or your favorite makeup brushes to add a splash of color to your vanity! 


We hope this inspires you to make space for your own vanity at home. If you have questions about our mirrors, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to see your vanities!


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