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Well, it's safe to say that summer is over, and for me that means it's time to start planning a vacation to look forward to! Because who doesn't want something to look forward to? Especially on those dark winter days at work that just seem to be the longest days of our lives. So get planning, ladies and gents! And to help you out, I've put together a list of ten items that will make your travels that much better! (Tried and tested of course)

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask - This mask doubles as an amazing moisturizer and is really great for sensitive skin as well. You can even use it under your eyes. Slather this on during a long haul flight and you'll avoid any extreme dryness after. Even better, Summer Fridays is a Clean at Sephora brand!

2. I bring one of these Belkin 3 Outlet Surge Protectors with me everywhere so I can charge all my electronics at once - super convenient! It comes with three outlets and two USB ports. 

3. These AmazonBasics Packing Cubes make it so easy to pack/unpack and stay organized so I always know where everything is.

4. The Glitz On-the-Go Portable mirror is a life saver on every trip! We all know hotel lighting is never great, so I NEED this mirror to make sure my makeup is on point. It's sleek iPad-like design makes it easy to take with me everywhere!

5. I recently took this Herschel Fishtail Rain Jacket with me on a trip to Japan and thank goodness I did! It saved me from unexpected rain and windy weather on many occassions. It's super light so I rolled it up and brought it in my backpack with me daily!

6. A good sized scarf will double as an excellent blanket on the air plane when it gets a little chilly. The Wilfred Blanket Scarves at Aritzia are stylish, cozy, and make the best mini blankets! They come in lots of patterns too. 

7. How cute is this Harata Portable Humidifier?? I find it can get super dry in my hotel rooms, most likely from the air conditioning that's constantly blowing. I bring it with me on the plane to help keep moisture in my skin and then I keep it by my bed in hotel rooms to avoid dryness overnight.

8. I got these Bang and Olufsen H9i Headphones for my birthday last year and I NEVER travel without them. I'm one of those people that can never catch any Z's on the plane, but with the amazing noise cancelling feature on these headphones I've actually managed to sleep on the plane! The sound quality is also awesome!

9. I used to buy a water bottle before every plane ride and then stock up on more water bottles for my hotel room. Not very earth saving or efficient! Now I bring my S'well Water Bottle with me and just refill it whenever I need. 

10. After testing out a million different dry shampoos, I find myself always coming back to my good old drug store Batiste Dry Shampoo. It really does make my second or third day hair look fresh! They come in so many different scents and in a small travel size for space saving! 

I hope some items on this list makes your next trip a little better. Let us know what your travel essentials are!


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